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Allied Telesis was founded in Japan as a manufacturer of network equipment. For nearly 30 years, Allied Telesis has been delivering reliable, intelligent connectivity for everything from enterprise organizations to complex, critical infrastructure projects around the globe.



  1. Competitive advantage:Allied Telesis is one of the leaders in the automation industry. Originating from Japan, it now has 12 offices in Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, with its main office located in Singapore. With its operations set up all over the world, Allied Telesis challenges the competition from such giants as Cisco, Juniper, HPE…
  2. Typical technologies: The chip sets are designed to run on the new operating system called “Allied Ware Plus” which is durable, easy to be configured and debugged. All devices are given a 5-year warranty and it has patents for unique automation technologies.
    • Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) and Enterprise SDN support centralized network management for businesses with one or more branches, including both wired and wireless networks. AWC-CB, AWC-SC and AWC-Sec are the key solutions for Allied Telesis to compete with the world’s giants in network technology such as Cisco, Juniper or HPE.
    • Autonomous Wireless Controller (AWC) helps centrally manage Wireless networks, especially with WC-CB (Channel Blanket) technology to prevent disconnection when roaming and AWC-SC (Smart Connect) is convenient for network expansion to the locations where cable infrastructure cannot be installed.
    • AMF-Sec offers business network security, access control and detection of internal attacks and combination with firewall devices such as Baracuda, Fortinet or Baloato to form a comprehensive security solution for data stored at business and on the Internet.

Products Allied Telesis

01. Router/UTM Firewalls

Allied Telesis’ AR3050s/AR4050s products are both Routers to help businesses configure Internet data access.


02. Core Switch

With VCStack technology, it supports up to 8 devices for Smart City and IoT network infrastructure. Support installation of up to 8 Moludes (expansion cards) at various speeds of 1G/2.5G/5G/10G/40G/100G.

03. Distribute Switch

The x530 Series of Multi-Gigabit Layer 3 switches feature high capacity, resiliency and easy management, and are suitable for Distribution layer design.

04. Access Switch

The x230 Series Layer 2 switches offer an impressive set of features in a compact design, making them an ideal access solution in enterprise infrastructure.

05. Industrial Ethernet Switches

The IX5-28GPX Industrial Ethernet Switches provide enduring performance in harsh environments, such as those found in manufacturing, transportation and physical security.

06. Access Point

The TQ6602 Access Point features 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios and the IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 technology to deliver a raw capacity of 3.550 Gigabits.

07. Controller Wireless

Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) centralizes management and automatically optimizes all wired and wireless network devices, while the SNMP plug-in supports third party devices.


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