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Automated network management system (AMF)

AMF enhances network administration with intelligent centralized management solution.

AMF is an embedded technology inside Allied Telesis switches that delivers real-world and instant value to businesses. Many businesses consider SDN (Software-defined network) technology as a “silver bullet” to simplify and optimize their work performance. While SDN can offer speed and flexibility – especially relevant for data centers and large enterprise organizations – managing and controlling the network presents existing challenges. The pressing needs of many organizations require a converged infrastructure that can be managed as a single block, which reduces complexity and TCO, and enables more tasks to be performed, and takes less effort.

According to Gartner: “Allied Telesis Automated Management System (AMF) provides a suite of features to automate configuration management and simplify network administration. This reduces the risk of human error from manual processes, helping to reduce deployment and operating costs.”

AMF achieves above and beyond by supporting the following features: 

  • Provides a unified administration interface from any device on the network.
  • Manage your network through a graphical interface with Vista Manager software.
  • Option to deploy Public Cloud or Private Cloud with AMF Cloud .
  • Network automation simplifies and automates tasks across the network.
  • The intelligent network system will react to changes in the network and automatically change the network model.
  • Features Automatically back up, restore, and restore devices when they are connected to a network.

To learn and experience AMF’s automatic management technology, which helps reduce the pressure of network infrastructure administration, and minimizes costs and risks when operating the system. Please contact us : 

  • Southern Brand Manager: Ngo Thanh Thang – – 091 430 5555
  • Northern Brand Manager: Dao Bao Trung – – 098 366 6792
  • Solution Engineer: Dao Huu Sang – – 0903 157 113
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