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RADWIN’s carrier-class PtP and PtMP solutions are engineered for a variety of backhaul applications – pure IP, or IP & TDM. The systems serve as a cost-effective alternative to fiber and microwave solutions, enabling fast network rollout and drastically reducing lead-time-to-service.

RADWIN’s systems are deployed by Tier-1 carriers worldwide and are ideal for backhaul applications, including:
– Rapid, cost-effective network extension (e.g. cellular RAN)
– Temporary deployment for disaster recovery
– Fiber backup
– Long-haul IP connectivity
– Macro cell TDM / IP backhaul
– Cellular on Wheels (COW)
– Wi-Fi access point & 4G small cell backhaul

– PtMP: up to 750Mbps; Smart beamforming antenna and a unique air interface; Remote-end capacity 25-250 Mbps; SLA per remote -end
– PtP backhaul: up to 750 Mbps; up to 16 E1s/T1s + Ethernet in a single radio; Long range PtP- up to 120 Km/75 miles
– Field proven, near and non-line-of sight (nLOS, NLOS) operation
– 4.9- 6.0, 5.9- 6.4, 3.3-3.8 and 2.3- 2.4 GHz licensed and license free bands
– IP 67 units

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