Thales’ card issuance solutions includes the following

Solution consulting

Central issuance

  • Our Central Issuance solution is comprehensive, fully packaged and pre-configured.
  • It complies with EMVco specifications and PCI security standards as well as Visa and MasterCard certification requirements to handle the whole card personalization process.
  • Central Issuance is a feature-rich solution that ensures the card issuance process remains secure while simplifying operations.
  • Using our new Central Base features you can easily and quickly create and manage EMV profiles for significant card schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB and PBOC2 but also domestic schemes.

Instant Issuance

  • Instant Issuance is by far the most convenient way to get cards into the hands of your customers in a secure, safe & risk-free manner.
  • Consumers are looking for better experiences in everyday life, so being able to conveniently walk into any branch and go out with a work card is by far the best experience to be offered.
  • This is exactly what Thales Gemalto Instant Issuance Solution offers, with hosted service meaning that financial institutions can now deploy card issuance faster than ever, instantly reaping fundamentally financial and consumption benefits.


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