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Cloud Management Solution

Sweratel Cloud Management Solution offers flexible, secured and user-friendly Network Management Services for the customers to manage their RTWIP wireless network remotely and globally where making the deployment of the RTWIP Wireless Network to be relatively effective and simple.

Sweratel Cloud Management (SCM) Solution and System offer all the compliance standard networking management features that one would expect from traditional systems but delivered in a multi-tenant cloud based model that is simple to use for the network owner/subscribers or IT administrators.  SCM offers enhance flexibility in management, monitoring & control anytime anywhere, where not possible with legacy networking solutions and with no capital investment.

The primary functions of SCM are to provide:
– Global Management, Monitoring and Configuration of Sweratel MNCC (s) & wireless Base-Stations
– Global access for System (deployed network) Diagnostic and Events Driven Alarm & Alert as well as system Performance Analysis and Pre-emptive Maintenance.
– Global RADIUS Authentication, RADIUS Accounting and Network & Services Utilization Billing
– Operator/ISP Account/Reseller Account/End-User(clients) Account administration and Management

Core features:
– High Performance
– High Availability
– High Scalability and redundant
– Secured and reliable Connection
– Fast and isolated remote access
– Built-in Application Security
– 24 x7 Monitoring and surveillance
– Highly Secured physical environment
– Data Integrity and Security
– Affordable

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