Education network needs, objectives and challenges

Modern education networks are complex and serve a rapidly developing set of requirements, some of which challenge the technology and its security. Online applications, e-learning and media-rich teaching methods provide immense benefits to the education providers.

Motivated students with access to advanced learning resources, remote schooling and online opportunities are part of the next generation in education and are more likely to achieve better results. Schools hold the ultimate responsibility for the security of their pupils and networks, and must provide an efficient, safe and effective computing environment which serves the entire school—pupils, teachers, administrators and all the other members of the school community.

With its proven history of delivering highly reliable and feature-rich advanced network solutions, more and more education providers are turning to Allied Telesis to achieve their objectives.

Allied Telesis has been implementing leading-edge educational networks for many years. Its advanced high value product portfolio provides the security, mobility and high performance you need for your education network, both now and well into the future.

Let’s look at how Allied Telesis meets the challenges faced in education, and provides solutions that facilitate advanced educational opportunities.