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Enhance the standard of video surveillance by reducing barriers to AI solutions

AI technology is transforming surveillance while driving improvements in the quality of solutions, reducing barriers to AI surveillance through a multitude of more affordable options. Hanwha Techwin is leading this movement through the new Wisenet X AI product line .

Hanwha Techwin ‘s advancements have made the advantage of AI more affordable and available across a wider range of products. Before that, only the high-end “P” series had AI features and only at 4K resolution. Now, the P series cameras with 2MP resolution as well as the new X AI series Camerasalso offer AI features .

Furthermore, thanks to increased operational efficiency , Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet AI product line helps to save the total cost of ownership of a surveillance system significantly. The benefits over the life of the system can be increased.

As a result, consumers looking for more affordable cameras can now also enjoy the benefits of AI-integrated surveillance solutions that can make informed decisions to protect security of users, based on deep learning technology.

QD.TEK, founded in 2004, is one of the leading ICT distributors in Vietnam, specialized in infrastructure solutions for Telecommunication, Surveillance Security, and Information Technology. QD.Tek has been the trusted value-added-partner for the global leader ICT manufacturers such as Allied Telesis, AXIS Communications, Commscope, Draka, HID, Siemens, Thales, Vertiv… to serve our solid sales network of +2,000 partners and +10,000 customers across Vietnam. We are proud to provide safe, highest quality, and cost-efficient products and solutions for countless critical projects that support business and environmental sustainability and social responsibility in Vietnam.  

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