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Heterogeneous Network Solutions

The most cost-effective solution riding the data tsunami
The Sweratel RTWIP Heterogeneous network solutions provides complete end-to-end cost-effective infrastructure solutions riding the data tsunami heading their way delivering coverage and data-capacity demands in the most challenging areas such as urban, suburban, rural, logistics hubs, smart communities and networked connected society markets providing users with a truly complete mobility lifestyle.

Sweratel offers complete end-to-end Cloud RTWIP Heterogeneous Network Solutions:
–  Carrier-grade Mesh WiFi base station
–  MNC (Mesh Network Controller) Pro Suite
–  RNMS (Radio Network Management Suite) solution
–  CBS (Convergent Billing Suite)
–  OLS (OffLoading Suite)
–  SCM (Sweratel Cloud Management) Suite
–  iCoolness Social-Media Applications Engine

The business benefits
Sweratel provides complete end-to-end and wide range of solutions that build into a unified MobileIP Heterogeneous Network solution, from small WiFi cell products with integrated OLS to unified RNMS and CBS platforms and iCoolness Social Media Engine Portal. The availability of such a solution will of course facilitate the establishment of new carrier-grade mobile WiFi operators, for example in Countries and Regions that still rely heavily on 2G networks and in rural areas with no landline infrastructure today but still a great demand for broadband access connections.

– Enhance and increase the network capacity to match user demand
– Enhance the user experience incremental capital expense for capacity growth tracks with incremental revenues from subscriber growth
– Enhance and improve the data of operator’s network
– Carrier-grade Wi-Fi complement to 3G/LTE Network
– Scalable Network Architecture
– Lowest cost of ownership
– Fast ROI

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