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HID Solution

Banking and financial

Advanced secure identity solutions

Security Solutions for ATMs, Online & Mobile Banking

Banks and other institutions are constantly seeking to keep pace with the dynamic world of finance. HID Global provides a wide range of convenient yet secure banking solutions to help enterprises secure facilities and ATMs, protect sensitive customer data, and safeguard their customers’ online transactions.

Cost-effective solutions for campus security and safety

HID Global’s education solutions are developed from the ground up to increase campus security and safety, while extending the capabilities of student, faculty, and staff ID badges. Our “one card” solutions can be used for convenient access to buildings, computer login, cashless vending, and additional campus activities.

Enterprise & Corporate

Single Sign-On Solutions for Enterprise Data Security

Organizations large and small are leveraging the power of smart cards, smartphones and other devices for building access and beyond. From login to networks and IT resources, to multi-factor identification, time-and-attendance and much more, single sign-on solutions from HID Global conveniently solve a wide range of business challenges and ensure data security.


The trusted partner for government agencies

Cutting-Edge Data Security Solutions for Citizen ID

HID Global provides unparalleled data security services, solutions and expertise across all aspects of the federal government and citizen identification markets. Our solutions protect critical government facilities and assets, and Genuine HID Technology powers major Citizen ID programs around the world.


Solutions for information security and healthcare compliance

Comprehensive healthcare security solutions to create a safe, compliant environment for patients and employees.

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