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LS Cable & System develops an optical cable for ‘hacking prevention’

On November 3rd, LS C&S (President & CEO, Roe-Hyun Myung) announced that the company had developed an optical cable specialized for hacking prevention, and finished preparations for mass-production.

By using specialized optical fibers and reinforced coating, this product can prevent illegal leakage and disruption of information.

An optical cable transmits information through light signals. If the cable is bent in a round shape, the light leaks due to its straightness. At this time, a hacking device can be connected to intercept the optical signals to steal information, or inversely optical signals can be added to paralyze communication networks.

In the past, to prevent hacking, infrared coating and metal tubes were introduced, but because they are costly to produce and difficult to install, they are not commonly used.

“On many occasions, general optical cables are defenseless even thought they can extract almost all information such as e-mail, financial transactions, and CCTV screens,” said the company. “We expect an increase in the number of optical cables for hacking prevention used in the finance and defense industries, data centers, and CCTVs.”

LS C&S has recently released premium communication cables, including electrical wires for CCTVs capable of simultaneous transmission of power and data, as well as communication cables that weigh at least 20% less due to the use of carbon fiber. One innovation after another in a bid to boost the competitiveness of its infrastructure technologies in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution.



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