Milestone Interconnect is the ideal surveillance solution for a wide variety of industries that want a cost-effective way to gain central surveillance of multiple sites spread across a region.

Central surveillance operations

  • Easily monitor the most critical areas because individual cameras and sites can be interconnected and effectively viewed from one location.
  • Faster incident handling because operators in the central system can access video and receive alarms from the connected remote sites.
  • Centralized daily operations, including monitoring video and handling evidence, provides effective management of multiple stand-alone video surveillance installations.

Cost-effective solution

  • Systems can be managed remotely, which reduces the need for local security personnel, maintenance, operational and other staff costs, including on-site visits.
  • Optimize storage using available remote and central storage and network resources.

Scalable for future needs

  • Expand a single, smaller surveillance system to span multiple geographical locations as needs increase and use Milestone Interconnect to coordinate surveillance and centralize management efforts across those sites.
  • Link individual cameras or whole sites to XProtect Corporate using Milestone Interconnect to access top-of-the-line functionality for a complete overview of multiple, remote locations.

Video presentation for Milestone Interconnect:


XProtect Corporate also supports Milestone Federated Architecture, which is another way to design a distributed XProtect system.

Video presentation for Milestone Federated:

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