Milestone Systems is a global leader within open platform video management software (VMS) for IP network-based video surveillance. XProtect is a video management software that brings all the puzzle pieces of a video surveillance installation together in a perfect combination. With +20 years in the market, XProtect has proven to be the right answer for more than 500,000 installations worldwide – from flower shops to universities, stadiums and cities.



  • The safe and reliable choice

When you invest in a video surveillance system, you invest in much more than hardware and software. Choosing XProtect as your foundation means choosing a solution developed by innovative surveillance experts who work to solve your challenges.

  • Our software. Your solution

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to video surveillance, and we know that every operation is different. That’s why we took an open platform approach when we designed XProtect. With our open platform architecture, you can build on XProtect’s strong foundation to create a unique solution that matches your operation.

  • 24/7 peace of mind

Airports, casinos, prisons and other 24-hour operations depend on constant, reliable surveillance all day, every day. That’s why XProtect is built by video surveillance experts who know what it takes to deliver a strong, high-performing and reliable system.

  • Software built for today – and tomorrow

Video surveillance comes in all shapes and sizes, from a few local cameras to thousands spread across the globe. Regardless of the initial set-up, we know that at some point you will need to adjust or expand it. That’s why XProtect is scalable.

  • Advanced system. Simple use

XProtect is designed with both simplicity and sophistication in mind, giving operators the ability to be in absolute control of any situation, instantly. Whether you’re a daily user or an occasional viewer, XProtect is designed to be simple to learn and easy to use without compromising on advanced capabilities.

  • Security you can count on

XProtect comes standard with an array of security mechanisms that keep your system and its data protected against internal and external threats.



Products Milestone

01. Video Management System XProtect

XProtect comes in 5 variants, each designed to match different segments and needs..

02. Milestone add-ons

Add even more functionality to your XProtect video management solutions with this diverse set of add-on products

03. Milestone Husky IVO Hardware

XProtect The new Husky series is a result of yet another great collaboration with some of Milestone’s key partners, showing the value of Milestone’s partner community and how it brings the best solutions to the market.


XProtect’s architecture has fostered an ever-expanding community of camera manufacturers, application providers and software developers, all working to create integrations and extensions to XProtect. Leverage the community and its thousands of integrated solutions and add additional value and capabilities to your XProtect system.

Milestone Interconnect & Federated

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Integrated third-party solutions on Milestone Marketplace

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XProtect Cloud on AWS and Arcules

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Video analytics

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The combination of XProtect’s flexible VMS design and AWS’ elastic infrastructure, makes this solution ideal for large enterprises, federal organizations, and smart cities, who can now accelerate towards cloud-first initiatives and scale easily to meet business demand.

Cost effective

Reduced hardware on-premises, partial outsourcing of IT infrastructure, and turning CAPEX to OPEX, help organizations optimize their cost structure and deliver better results. 


Using XProtect on AWS also means outsourcing a considerable part of the IT infrastructure to global experts, resulting in a more reliable and continuous operation with less risk of service disruptions. 


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