NETCONNECT copper solutions & NETCONNECT fiber solutions

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NETCONNECT copper solutions:

Include twisted-pair cabling and patch cords, panels, jacks and accessories for Category 6 to Category 7A channels  to meet a growing list of network applications, including Wi-Fi, Power over Ethernet and 10GBASE-T, which complies with ISO/IEC 11801 and other relevant standards.

NETCONNECT fiber solutions

With multimode and singlemode options, NETCONNECT fiber solutions support applications ranging from campus and outside plant installations to data centers, buildings and fiber to the desktop. Modular connectivity components—including modules, fiber enclosures, patch panels and adapters—enable you to deploy quickly and migrate easily as your needs grow.

10 reasons to choose NETCONNECT® structured cabling solutions for your business or projects:

1. One copper/fiber portfolio

One copper/fiber portfolio for all your structured cabling enterprise LAN, data center and campus applications

2. Optimized performance

Optimized performance through ongoing third party testing of copper solutions.

3. WebTrak® Tracking App

WebTrak® tracks cables through the manufacturing process and provides online access to test reports to verify performance

4. 25-year solutions warranty

NETCONNECT 25-year Solutions Warranty

5. Global support

Global support with NETCONNECT-certified installation companies, plus CommScope technical and field sales experts.

6. Training process

Certified NETCONNECT installer training ensures structured cabling is always properly installed

7. Global R&D effort

Global R&D effort with more than 10,000 patents and patent applications.
8. Superior, consistent cable terminations with the SL-installation tool

8. Advanced end-to-end connection

Superior, consistent cable terminations with the SL-installation tool

9. Multiple RJ45 jack options

9. Multiple RJ45 jack options accommodate M-series, SL and keystone faceplates

10. Stock

10. Significant stock available from authorized NETCONNECT distributors


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