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Network solutions in Education

1. Introduction: 

The education industry is at the beginning of the digital transformation journey, the leaders of the education industry and especially the information technology department are grappling with new challenges and transformations.  Allied Telesis is one of the technology companies developing educational infrastructure that is promoted on a large scale in Japan with outstanding features of centralized administration, user security, flexible connection and tight control. traffic tight .  QDTEK is the distributor of Allied Telesis in Vietnam, with 15 years of experience in the field of providing telecommunications and information technology infrastructure. We provide partners and customers with quality products, solutions and especially solutions for the network system in the field of education.    

2. Needs and goals in the educational network system 

Network of modern education are complex and serves a range of requirements are growing rapidly, a number of requirements, including technological challenges and security. Online applications, e-learning and multimedia teaching methods provide tremendous value to education service providers.  Pupils and students in need have access to resources such as online learning, teaching programs online is a vital part of the education system to achieve better efficiency. Schools are ultimately responsible for the security of student data and the entire network, and for providing an efficient, secure computing environment that serves the entire school-student, teachers, administrators and all other members of the educational community.  

3. Network solutions in the education system  

Reliable Wi-Fi system with AWC-Autonomous Wave Framework technology  Self defense network with AMF-Sec technology  Simplify network administration with AMF technology – Autonomous Management Framework .  Easy , secure WAN management automatically with SD-WAN solution  Bringing stability of the network system  VCStack technology: ensures high resiliency and redundancy.  EPSRing: protection solution, providing high performance, reliability, flexibility and scalable response for distributed systems.  Simplify device powering  Stack technology supports up to 8 devices to protect customer networks from outages while providing resilience for highly redundant infrastructure  Ring Protection: The Ring Protect protocol protects customer networks from outages while providing infrastructure resiliency.  AMF-SEC: suitable for both wired and wireless networks, detects malicious attacks and automatically blocks threats.  

4. QDTEK – What benefits does Allied Telesis bring to the system? 

Allied Telesis products optimize your technology investments by fully integrating with existing systems and applications.  Connecting classrooms, on campus, and connecting technology applications for the future. Both teachers and students rely on technology to add value and enhance the educational experience. Deliver the multiple levels of demand in classrooms and mobile users, while protecting network infrastructure and keeping sensitive data safe. Automate, reduce costs and human resources for the administration team, increase redundancy and data security.    

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