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Network solutions in the Medical

  1. Introduction:    

– As health care services are further developed and digitized. With our long proven history of providing advanced networking solutions that are highly reliable , feature rich and flexible , secure solutions are available to our customers – QDTEK is the distributor of Allied Telesis in Vietnam, with 15 years of experience in the field of providing telecommunications and information technology infrastructure. We provide partners and customers with quality products and solutions and especially network solutions in the medical field.

  1. Demand and target audience of the medical service network system    

– Worldwide, demand for healthcare services is outstripping the capacity of service providers to examine patients and deliver high-quality personal care.
– Lack of healthcare professionals and infrastructure, especially in rural or remote areas. Healthcare costs are rising much faster than individual incomes and patient affordability, forcing care providers to provide services at a lower cost.
– On average, a modern ward has 15 networked devices that monitor a patient’s condition and provide medication or other forms of care. Health records have now gone digital and as a result, care providers need to access them
continuous mobile network access to access these records and other relevant information. Furthermore, an increasing number of services are being delivered remotely over the network, including telemedicine and ambulatory care solutions.
– With disruptive technologies, such as AI, there will be opportunities to create new care delivery and business models. However, this will require better infrastructure to be able to respond quickly to evolving healthcare delivery models to meet growing expectations. of consumers. This is the challenge that healthcare providers face.
Another factor is the decentralization of healthcare infrastructure to reduce the distance between the patient and the treatment process. While this benefits consumers, it adds complexity to IT solutions.

  1. Allied Telesis’s solution for the medical sector:   

– Reliable Wi-Fi system with AWC-Autonomous Wave Framework technology- Self-defense network system with AMF-Sec technology

– Simplify network administration with AMF technology – Autonomous Management Framework.
– Easy , secure WAN management automatically with SD-WAN solution
– Bringing stability of the network system
– VCStack technology: ensures high resiliency and redundancy.
– EPSRing: protection solution, providing high performance, reliability, flexibility and scalable response for distributed systems.
– Simplify device powering
– Stack technology supports up to 8 devices to protect customer networks from outages while providing resilience for highly redundant infrastructure
– Ring Protection: The Ring Protect protocol protects customer networks from outages while providing infrastructure resilience.
AMF-SEC: suitable for both wired and wireless networks, detects malicious attacks and automatically blocks threats.

  1. QDTEK – What benefits does Allied Telesis bring to the system: 

With our long proven history of providing advanced networking solutions that are highly reliable and feature rich, more and more healthcare providers are turning to Allied Telesis to achieve their goals.
– Allied Telesis has deployed network systems in hospitals and medical facilities for many years, so we understand the need to provide modern network services without increasing operational complexity. onion. Our portfolio of high-value products and services provides the secure, portable, and high-performance safety nets customers want, with easy management at low operating costs. more, both now and in the future. – So how does Allied Telesis meet the challenges facing healthcare and deliver solutions that help deliver better outcomes for patients and the organizations that provide them.

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