Outstanding solutions of Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework (AMF): AMF increases network intelligence and control with centralized management. AMF’s automated services, including firmware upgrades and backup recovery of some AMF’s functions minimize the resources required to manage a complex educational network.

Wireless today is the first access technology in the educational market. It allows students, teachers and staff members to access the network from any place at any time as the main access choice for class and campus. The Allied Telesis Wi-Fi solution ensures reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connections everywhere they are needed, minimizing the need for human intervention. By analyzing signal coverage gaps and Wi-Fi access point interference, Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) automatically delivers a high-quality wireless experience. Reduce your dependency on skilled network engineers and enjoy lower operating costs.

For critical environments, like great halls, AWC Channel Blanket (AWC-CB) is a perfect option and enables control of hybrid APs that simultaneously provide single and multi-channel Wi-Fi connectivity. It is the Single Channel solution for Allied Telesis Wireless APs. AWC-CB is an intelligent controller that manages interference and client access. Together with a traditional Multi Channel approach, it provides a complete wireless access solution for any environment.

AWC Smart Connect (AWC-SC) is also an outstanding solution of Allied Telesis.  Every time a network expansion is required and no wires are available, AWC Smart Connect (AWC-SC) provides a zero-time expansion solution. Just register the APs in the management system, plug in the power and the new AP is ready for use. Reduce installation time by 90% by providing autonomous provisioning for event connectivity or fast office expansion without the need for new wires.

Student security and protection in the school is part of the whole education offering. Surveillance capability is one of the ways to increase family and student trust in a specific school and to attract new students. Video is also widely used for lessons, remote learning and as a resource for the students outside of school hours.

The traffic generated by this kind of video is less predictable, and if a whole class is streaming at the same time, traffic spikes can occur.  To be effective, the video service must be available without delay or image degradation.

The key part of the installation is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) with power consumption that depends on multiple factors such as camera type and accessories. In the network design phase, the access switches connected with the IP cameras must be able to provide enough power to drive all the attached cameras.

The Allied Telesis AMF-Sec Controller enables our state-of-the-art network management and security solution. It provides exactly what education organizations need: reduced management costs, increased security and an improved end-user experience. By utilizing the AMF-Sec security engine, which does not require endpoint agents or software,

our solution automatically responds to identified threats. The Self-Defending Network solution provides an integrated approach to network security, automating manual IT operations and protecting from threats coming both from wired and wireless access devices. The AMF-Sec Controller is key to our innovative and award-winning AMF Security solution, enabling Self-Defending Networks that help organizations avoid lost time and unnecessary disruption to network services.

Allied Telesis products support Network Access Control (NAC), a leading approach to providing complete control over user access to the network. Users can have different levels of access, allowing for the correct network and resource availability for students, teachers and administration staff. NAC also checks device adherence to network security policies before granting network access, proactively stopping threats before they can enter the network.

Many leading network vendors have implemented NAC solutions, and Allied Telesis advanced switching products support a number of these, including solutions from Microsoft, Symantec and Sophos. Allied Telesis products have been extensively tested for compliance with popular NAC products, and we have published convenient step-by-step guides to implementing a comprehensive solution. Allied Telesis products and expertise enable robust NAC solutions with minimum effort.

Vista Manager EX is a plugin-based single pane-of-glass approach to network management. It has a dashboard showing network details, status and events on a topology map, and it highlights critical issues to minimize reaction time and help resolve problems in a timely manner.

It supports administration of non-Allied Telesis devices through OpenFlow v1.3 and SNMP protocols. A series of plugins to control the wired network, wireless devices, the WAN link and automation tools make networking easy and the solution modular.

The WAN map shows VPN connections between branch offices used by SD-WAN. Color-coding displays current status and the performance of inter-branch links for visual monitoring and proactive management.