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The important role of Self-Defending Network & Allied Telesis’ solutions

Cybersecurity is currently a top concern for business owners, CIOs and administrators. Considering its importance, it’s surprising that most enterprise security solutions still rely heavily on manual intervention every time something goes wrong.

It is a fact that the weakest link in the network security system lies on the user side, which often comes from inadvertently performing harmful acts. Attackers use “social engineering” techniques to take full advantage of this, bypassing even the most secure networks by tricking users into revealing sensitive information. In 2017, the University of Illinois conducted a “bait” experiment by placing a USB drive near the entrance of the building. Forty-five percent of those USB drives were attached to network-connected devices. It is proof that the user can accidentally perform the attack at any time.

In addition to user behavior, security systems can be compromised through unmanageable devices when connected to the network, such as IoT sensors, printers, or machine-programmable controllers. They can be used as “Troyan horses”, as they cannot install security features on them.

Edge network protection

The usual way to protect a business from attackers and threats is to use a firewall to inspect all outgoing and incoming traffic from the Internet. This is a very popular design that focuses on protecting the system from the Internet, but still makes the network vulnerable to attacks from within, coming from existing network devices and connected peripherals. Into the system.

A more secure approach is to force all traffic to pass through the firewall, including internal traffic. But this solution will require a powerful and expensive firewall device. It also creates delays in communication and often affects work performance.

Or another approach, widely used in current network systems, is to divide the network into subnets and put a firewall between the subnets and the core. This approach prevents the threat from spreading from malware rather than a local network.

Independently of the architecture, even the best firewalls cannot protect against threats coming from the user’s terminal, because the firewall can only block the traffic received by the device.

The firewall cannot control the device that is causing the problem. When the firewall detects this type of attack, all it can do is alert the administrator to perform a manual scan and action. This takes time and resources — and given that time, threats can spread and sensitive information can be stolen. If a network device is copying infected files or sending out sensitive documents, that device must be immediately isolated from the network to prevent any further damage and this simply cannot wait for human reaction time.

The birth of self-defense networks

Ideally, the network will protect itself based on detected threats and the device causing the problem. The action is taken immediately and the spreading device is automatically isolated from the network to prevent and minimize damage. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how the device is connected to the network — wired or wireless, the system’s protection and response should be the same.

With Allied Telesis’ self-defense network solution. We’ve released a solution that works with a customer’s existing firewall appliance for instant response to threats. The AMF-Sec controller at the heart of our AMF Security solution uses state-of-the-art isolation technology, adding intelligent automation features to the network to automatically make reactive decisions. appropriate response to any detected attacks. The AMF-Sec controller integrates with most popular firewall products on the market, to centralize customer security policies on a single device and help customers save costs thereby minimizing interference. the inconvenience of having to change the customer’s primary security device.

The main benefits of self-defense networks are immediate response to threats with precision without any manual intervention. Action enforcement policies can be configured depending on firewall events, so inadvertent visits to suspicious websites can be distinguished from malicious attempts to hack Actively steal data. Suspicious devices can be completely isolated from the network or moved to an isolated area to await remedial measures.

Suspected user devices can be automatically quarantined whether they access wired or wireless networks, ensuring there are no weaknesses anywhere on the customer’s network and no need support applications on terminals. The Allied Telesis self-defense network does not require the installation of any special software on the end devices. Instead of shutting down devices, we control the network to restrict access until remedial measures can be applied. Our solution can block threats emanating from data center servers as easily as threats from mobile devices.

Self-Defense Networks also monitor and protect data traffic moving within the corporate network without increasing latency. Our solution allows the security engine to monitor a copy of the traffic for zero latency and block any threats instantly and fully automatically.

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